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The play

Equipment: A deck of ZSA Cards.

Play in a circle. Stack the cards in the middle. Before drawing a card, the person starting says a scenario for the prompt. Then, pick up a card and read the prompt aloud to the person to your left. They then answer as if they are in the scenario. Continue around the circle with the same question until it comes back around to the person who started, who also answers the prompt, and discards the card. The person to that person's left then says a new scenario, and the process repeats.

For example:
Scenario: We're all on a boat together
Prompt: People would notice me if I __

More scenarios to get started with:

  • Sleeping in on a Saturday morning, and your doorbell rings
  • Sitting around a campfire
  • Hiking an active volcano
  • You're all in a band together, about to step on stage for your first performance
  • A dinner party
  • Assembling the world's most complicated desk
  • Gardening
  • Standing in a boring queue
  • Stranded on a desert island