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Love Letter

Love Letter can be played with ZSA Cards, in a 2 player as well as a 3-4 player variant.

The cards and the deal

Equipment: A deck of ZSA Cards.

To play with ZSA Cards you'll use the following card amounts, with each type of card having specific abilities when played.

Five 1 cards - When played, you choose another player and name a card other than another 1. If the chosen player's hand contains that card, that player is eliminated from the round.

Two 2 cards - When played, you may privately see another player's hand.

Two 3 cards - When played, you choose another player and privately compare hands with them. The player with the lower-value cards is eliminated from the round.

Two 4 cards - When played, you cannot be affected by any other player's cards until your next turn.

Two 5 cards - When played, you may choose any player (including yourself) to discard their hand and draw a new one.

One 6 card - When played, you may trade hands with another player of your choosing.

One 7 card - If you hold this card and draw either the 6 or the 5, then you must play this card immediately, otherwise it does nothing when played.

One 8 card - If any player plays or discards this card for any reason, they are eliminated from the round.

The play

To begin the game, shuffle the deck and discard three cards into the middle of the table, face down. Then discard one more card, face up. Next, deal each player two cards face down to act as their hand.. Alternate starting between the two players.

On your turn, you must draw a card, and then play a card. Played cards are then discarded.


Each player may be eliminated from another player's card ability or by running out of cards. The last player standing wins the round and collects one point. The game is played until one player meets your chosen number of points (usually eight).


For 3 or more players, do not discard three extra cards at the star and deal each player a one card hand (instead of two).